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Client Station

In this section of our informative site we will do our best to enlighten and elaborate on what having a full head of Hair Extensions means to our clients. We will also do our best to protect you in an ever changing world of short cuts and unprofessional methods of application. Please understand that our intention here is not to bash other systems or stylists just to assist you in getting a non-damaging value for you. After all… its all about you here at the Hair Extension Institute.

Lunch Area

Lunch Area – Your Lunch Is Provided!

At the Hair Extension Institute/Studio we have specialized in this one method of application since 1989. Since our original (and the first ever) patent was issued to Lori’s father for the process of hair extensions many have tried to copy the system but… sometimes there is nothing better than the original. Lori has assisted in the evolution of the system to date but the original foundation remains.

Protect yourself:

Here are some ways to protect yourself when looking for a hair extension artist. Be sure that whoever will be installing your extensions is a license cosmetologist.

A licensed cosmetologist should display their license by their workstation.

HEI Outside

HEI Outside

It is also important for you to protect yourself from a part-time stylist who sees the quick buck of installing extensions as a part time stylist. Your ideal extension artist should be someone who has a passion to help with your overall look… after all this is you we are talking about. We care what the back of your hair looks like too. Look for a stylist/extension artist who specializes in extensions.
Since Lori’s father patented the system of application in 1990 there have been so many copycats of the system that will cause damage to your natural hair. Why have that worry when you do not have to. Common sense when choosing your preferred system of application really helps. Lori has been applying this system of Hair extensions since before the patent in 1990. If we were damaging our clients hair do you really think we would still be in business after this long.

Lori has been wearing this (and only this) method of hair extensions since its inception. If it was damaging her own hair day in and day out…. well, I think you get the point.