Welcome to Hair Extension Institute

Welcome to the Hair Extension Institute website. If you are searching for a private, safe and quality way to have longer, thicker hair…. your search is over. As the Hair Extension Institute has evolved over these last 15 years or so it seems necessary to enlighten any prospective client who may be considering hair extensions.

As an international trainer for the original patented system of application for Mega Hair, Lori has become an expert and specialist in her field. Much like if you were looking for a heart transplant you would not consider going to a Dermatologist. If you want a full head of natural looking undetectable hair extensions that are applied precisely to match your existing hair and last between 3 and 4 months, this system is possibly for you. As a rule we only service one client a day and have only a certain number of client openings available at this time.

Our clients travel to us or have Lori travel to them. They come from as far as Europe to complete their overall look with this system. You see Lori is not just an expert at what she does to complete the desired look of so many she is also a joy to be around. At the Institute you will share lunch, a movie or just enjoy the conversation all while this amazing transformation takes place.

There are many processes to sift through out there. While many salons do all kinds of extensions, currently, we specialize in only one type. The process of hair extensions applied here at the Institute has been best referred to as Strand by Strand. Since the original patent was issued to Lori’s father back in 1994 the process has really been redefined. While there are many copies of that original system Lori has perfected the process leaving you with an amazing image lift (AKA the Hair Attitude) that helps to complete the look you desire.