Lori Ruzek
Master Cosmotologist & Extensionist

Lori Ruzek is the owner and Master Extensionist at the Hair Extension Institute. She has been a licensed Cosmologist for over 30 years and currently holds her master cosmetology license in Georgia and has also maintained a Master Cosmetologist license in both California & Florida.

Growing up in the beauty field as the daughter of a well-known designer and product developer in the salon industry, she attended her first hair show as a young girl. In 1986 Lori’s father developed the Mega Hair method of hair extensions, The system was later patented in 1990 (Patent #4,934,387) as the original strand by strand system for caucasian Hair Extensions. Lori quickly became an educator for Mega Hair as well as a national platform artist. Lori continued to specialize in the application of hair extensions and to perfect the system of application.

In 1994 Lori relocated to the Atlanta area beginning quickly to build a clientele exclusively focusing on hair extensions. Additionally, some of her clients, now travel here or fly her back to complete the service. Lori continued to train stylists and instructors on the Mega Hair system while building a full clientele list. She has trained more stylists on this system than any other individual. Lori has played a pivotal role in the latest technology of this hair extension system. She is considered a Master Blender specializing in extremely customized undetectable hair extensions.

Lori does hair extensions exclusively and no longer sees non-extension clients. As a trendsetter in the extension industry she utilizes a complete line of extension products in order to provide her clients with the ultimate wear and maintenance.

Lori maintains a diverse clientele ranging from entertainers to corporate professionals and services clients that travel to her from all parts of the world. She is also available to travel to clients when needed. We look forward to servicing your complete extension needs.