Hair Extensions — Let’s Start From The Beginning!

Your hair doesn’t just seem to grow, you get a bad hair cut, or when it does grow, you must keep cutting it to prevent the ends from looking like you haven’t had a cut in years. You want your hair to be longer, fuller, and easy to fix into something that looks like a real style.

Does this sound familiar to you? If so, it is time to schedule a free consultation with Lori at the Hair Extension Institute.

During the consultation, you will address one simple question: “In a perfect world, what does your hair look like?” This enables Lori to establish a deep understanding of what you truly desire for your hair. The two of you will determine whether or not hair extensions are fitting for you based on a number of factors including your scalp, hair, daily routines, and overall lifestyle.

Additionally, Lori will study the pattern and curl (or lack thereof) of your hair. Your hair is not simple, but complex–it is made up of several types of curls, waves, and patterns, and it varies by each hair strand. Lori studies the unique textures of your hair in order to seamlessly duplicate them in your extensions. This creates the most natural looking extensions with no change in texture where one ends and the next begins.

Your hair color is also an essential part of the hair extensions. Most people have two to four different colors in their natural or colored hair. Lori is an expert at perfectly matching your colors, highlights, and lowlights while working them flawlessly into the extensions.

Once your desired hairstyle, length, and care plan is determined, you will be quoted a final, fixed price. This varies for each person based on head size as well as the thickness, length, and style of the natural hair. Your quoted price includes a special brush, shampoo, and conditioner. Lori will also train you on how to care for and style your extensions. Finally, you will schedule an appointment for the day that will change your life forever!

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